Recent years have seen an explosive growth in the small satellite
market amidst a lack of carriers to send them into orbit.
Operators have had to purchase seats on large rockets,
often requiring booking years ahead of launch.
High costs, long lead time, and unpredictable trajectory was the norm.

Now, the wait is over.

Our goal is to provide an ultra low cost and reliable launch service through innovation with readily available COTS equipment.

Our mission:

A family sedan for the stars


The majority of our major components are fabricated at our factory using tried and tested 1970s technology.

Our belief:

Use an optimal combination of legacy systems, additive manufacturing,
and modern materials to minimize manufacturing costs.

A future where space is not only our passion, but our career

The space industry—one that only a select few could dream of being involved in.
To establish it as a business in Japan, that is our objective.
For a private firm, not a national project, to take on the challenges of space business.

We strive to develop individuals who will lead the business development of the space industry.
IST works with Universities and research institutions across Japan,
as well as actively offers internship opportunities and R&D facility tours.

To bring space closer than ever to the general public,
we also operate a fan club membership program.

“An era in which anyone can reach space”

Our goal: Make space accessible to everyone.