Pioneering a new era of affordable Space Launch Services

Our mission is to change the economics of Space Launch Services, making it more economic to existing customers and accessible to entirely new markets.

Our revolutionary service, made possible by technological advancement, provides:

1. The highest standards of reliability
2. A scale of magnitude lower cost than existing alternatives
3. A highly flexible and customizable rocket system which can be adapted to suit your payload

We offer the highest level of Customer Service throughout your project, working with you and ensuring your needs are met at every stage from initial enquiry to delivery of your payload.



We have re-engineered and re-imagined the Space Launch Vehicle from the ground up using the latest materials and technologies, in often innovative ways. The result is a Space Launch Vehicle that provides the same levels of reliability, but at a lower cost.

By reducing the cost, we provide an economic benefit to existing consumers and make space flights accessible to many new customers and applications.

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IST has been established to accelerate development activities and to commercialize the technology. On November 11, 2013 IST was commissioned to launch a pair of small rockets which were painted to advertise products for Ezaki-Glico Corporation, famous for their Mikado (or Pocky & Pretz) confectionery product.

This was a historic event as it was the first rocket commissioned for a commercial launch in Japanese history. IST worked with Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Aerospace Science and Technology Incubation Center (HASTIC), and Uematsu Electric Co Ltd to deliver this milestone service.

The 3.3m long, 23kg rockets were painted to resemble the product and launched to a height of 1126 and 1160m respectively.


It has taken many years to develop and refine what we believe to be a disruptive solution to Space Launch Services.

Our journey started in 1997, when a non-commercial group known as ‘Natsu no rocket dan’ was established in Japan by a group of space enthusiasts with a two part vision:

• to develop a compact and convenient rocket design
• to build a prototype rocket engine.

Over many firing tests, the technology was developed and improved until the group had to move their operation to Taiki Hokkaido in order to continue testing the engines, which by this time was bigger and more powerful.

Company name:
Interstellar Technologies Inc.
690-4 Memu, Taiki, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido, 089-2113 Japan
Tokyo Branch:
6F, Tokyo East 21, 6-3-2 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0016 Japan
Urayasu Factory:
4-28-21, Kitazakae, Urayasu, Chiba, 279-0002 Japan
May. 2003
About 40 Million Yen
CEO Takahiro Inagawa
Taiki Hokkaido
Taiki Hokkaido