Interstellar Technologies Announces New Management Structure for ZERO Rocket Development




Hokkaido, Japan – Interstellar Technologies Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Interstellar”), a comprehensive space infrastructure company committed to tackling global challenges through space transportation and utilization, has made executive appointments to reinforce its management framework. With the new leadership in place, Interstellar will strive to achieve its vision of a future where space is accessible to everyone through rocket development and business expansion.


New Management Structure

Founded in 2013, Interstellar has achieved three space reaches with its suborbital launch vehicle MOMO, making it the first and only private company in Japan to reach space. Currently, the company is focusing on the development of the orbital class launch vehicle ZERO. Recent executive appointments have brought three new full-time directors onto the team. As the organization now exceeds 160 members, it has adopted a management structure that strengthens research and development, business development, and fundraising to accelerate its initiatives. Additionally, three external directors with experience in new business launches and professional management have been appointed to the board.


Chief Executive Officer: Takahiro Inagawa

Director of the Board / Vice President of Launch Vehicle: Satoshi Nakayama (*)

Director of the Board / Chief Operating Officer: Keiji Atsuta (*)

Director of the Board / Chief Financial Officer: Takahiro Tsuji (*)

Director of the Board: Takafumi Horie

External Director of the Board: Ken Uryu (*)

External Director of the Board: Satoshi Takechi

External Director of the Board: Dai Tange (*)

External Director of the Board: Teruo Murakami (*)

* Recent Director Appointments


Newly Appointed Board of Directors

Satoshi Nakayama, Director of the Board / Vice President of Launch Vehicle

After graduation, he joined Mitsubishi Precision Company, Limited. For 12 years, he was involved in developing of on-board equipment for rockets and satellites. As a project manager, he was responsible for developing navigation sensors for major rockets in Japan. He joined Interstellar Technologies in January 2021, where he oversaw avionics development, reliability design, and quality assurance, and was appointed General Manager of the R&D department in September of that year. He has published papers, presented at conferences, patented technologies, and received awards in the field of space equipment.


Keiji Atsuta, Director of the Board / Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from Kyushu University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After joining Mitsubishi Corporation, he was in charge of overseas sales and business investment in the automotive industry. While stationed overseas, he was transferred to an invested subsidiary and engaged in corporate planning and strategy development. He joined Frontier Management Inc., where he mainly formulated medium- to long-term strategies for small and medium-sized companies in the food manufacturing and restaurant industries and supported their implementation. He joined Interstellar Technologies Inc. in January 2022, and is responsible for business development, corporate planning, PR and marketing. He was appointed to the Board as COO in May 2024.


Takahiro Tsuji, Director of the Board / Chief Financial Officer

After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a degree in Economics, he joined the Development Bank of Japan, where he focused on financing space and aircraft manufacturers for 12 years. While overseeing client coverage for Japan and globally in heavy industry, he also held concurrent roles at a start-up rocket company, responsible for global business development and general administration. Additionally, he was seconded to the headquarters of the Dutch financial institution ING, engaging in global operations ranging from practical business matters to regional revitalization. In 2022, he founded HR-Rocket Co., Ltd., providing human capital and financial support primarily to Japanese space startups and agencies. As part of this support, he has been involved with Interstellar Technologies Inc. since April 2023 as a financial advisor and was appointed to the Board as CFO in May 2024.


Ken Uryu, External Director of the Board

After graduating from the School of Management at Boston University in the United States, he transitioned from working in Investor Relations at NTT Docomo to the financial industry. He had a successful career as a securities analyst at Goldman Sachs and other institutions. In 2006, he founded MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc. In 2007, he obtained a patent for the core system of MINKABU’s stock price prediction system utilizing collective intelligence. In 2008, he was selected by Nikkei Inc. as one of the “People to Open Up Japan.” In 2012, he was chosen as a next-generation advanced IT talent model career in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Report on the Development Plan for the Next-Generation Advanced IT Talent Model Career.” In 2017, he obtained his second patent related to the automated generation of news articles using AI. In 2019, his company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market. In 2022, he acquired livedoor Co., Ltd. from LY Corporation, transforming the company into one of Japan’s largest comprehensive media groups with approximately 100 million monthly users, expanding beyond the realm of finance and asset management.


Masaru Tange, External Director of the Board

Tange was born in 1974 in Hiroshima Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science at the Kyoto University Graduate School, he joined Incs Inc. (now SOLIZE Corporation) in 2000. Over a five-year period, he built a consulting department that started out with only three members into a 140-strong department generating ¥5 billion in annual revenue. In September 2005, after becoming manager of the consulting department he established SHIFT, Inc., becoming president and representative director. In November 2014, the company was listed on the Mothers Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in October 2019, it changed the market to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. He is also making efforts for the creation of his hometown, Jinsekikogen-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture.


Teruo Murakami, External Director of the Board

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Meiji University. Initially served as the head of the Heim Division at Sekisui Chemical Co., followed by seven years in the Underwriting Department of the Corporate Division at Sanyo Securities Co. Subsequently, held the position of General Manager of the President’s Office at Hikari Tsushin, overseeing investments and contributing to the IPOs of companies such as GMO, Intelligence, Crayfish, CyberAgent, On the Edge, and others. Currently serves as an advisor at Cybozu, Inc.


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