Interstellar Appoints Specialist Engaged in Development of Japan’s Flagship Rockets, as Senior Technical Advisor


Hokkaido, Japan – Interstellar Technologies Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Interstellar”), a comprehensive space infrastructure company committed to tackling global challenges through space transportation and utilization, proudly announces the enlistment of Takashi Maemura, previously engaged in the development and launch of Japan’s flagship rockets such as H-IIA at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., as its senior technical advisor.

Technical Guidance for Developing Low-Cost, High-Reliability Rockets

Renowned for his contributions to Japanese rocket development, Takashi Maemura has spent years at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works, playing a role in the development and launch of liquid-fueled rocket engines and spacecraft. Notably, he served as the first launch director for Japan’s flagship rocket H-IIA. Interstellar aims to enhance its technical advisory structure with Maemura’s extensive expertise, expediting the development of the low-cost, high-reliability ZERO rocket.
Within the framework of the Japan’s space basic plan, the goal is to consider launching all domestic satellites using either flagship or private rockets after the fiscal year 2028, irrespective of governmental or private ownership, to tap into overseas demand. Through the development of ZERO, Interstellar aims to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of independent space access domestically while striving to achieve internationally competitive space transportation services, targeting the global market.

Profile of Takashi Maemura

Born in 1951 in Wakayama Prefecture, Takashi Maemura graduated from Waseda University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering. He joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. in 1975, where he was involved in the development and launch of liquid rocket engines and spacecraft at the Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works. Maemura’s extensive experience includes serving as the launch director for the H-IIA rocket and contributing to the development and launch of Japan’s flagship rockets from N1 to H-IIB. From 2011 to 2023, he served as Executive Vice President at JAMSS (Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation), currently holding the position of advisor. In 2024, he joined Interstellar Technologies Inc. as a senior technical advisor. From 2006 to 2021, he was a lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and from 2006, he has been a lecturer at Osaka University Graduate School. He has also been involved in H3 rocket development as an external evaluator for JAXA.

Takashi Maemura commented:

Since I joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, I’ve been part of Japan’s liquid rocket development journey, starting from the N1-2 era and continuing until H-IIB, contributing actively throughout. As a member of the JAXA H3 external evaluation committee, I’ve witnessed Japan’s liquid-fueled rocket development history firsthand, embracing both successes and setbacks. Realizing the importance of sharing my experiences, I had the honor of meeting CEO Inagawa last October at the Hokkaido Space Summit. To my surprise, he was a former student of mine at Tokyo Institute of Technology. While I was aware that Interstellar Technologies was the only private company dedicated to liquid-fueled rocket development, learning about the president’s background deeply resonated with my own aspirations, marking a significant alignment of our objectives. Achieving success in rocket development necessitates dedication to surmounting technical challenges and progressing steadily, one step at a time. I am determined to contribute to Interstellar Technologies’ continued success.

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