Completes Static Fire Test Facility for Microsatellite Launch vehicle ‘ZERO’



Interstellar Technologies Inc. (headquartered in Taiki, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido; Takahiro Inagawa, CEO; hereinafter referred to as “IST”), a comprehensive space infrastructure company that aims to solve Earth’s problems through space transportation and utilization, is pleased to announce that the static fire test facility for the microsatellite launch vehicle ‘ZERO’ (hereinafter referred to as “ZERO”) has been completed at Launch Complex-0 (LC-0) at the Hokkaido Space Port (HOSPO), a spaceport in Taiki, Hokkaido. Single-engine static fire testing is scheduled to be conducted at this facility this fall.

Two Test Stands

This is IST’s second static fire test facility and consists of two test stands. The facility was constructed by our partner Hagiwara Construction Industry Co.,Ltd, and the test stand was designed and built by Sanshin Industries Co., Ltd.
ZERO uses liquid methane as its fuel and liquid oxygen as its oxidizer. In cooperation with our partners, AIR WATER HOKKAIDO INC. and Sankemi Co., Ltd, IST has also installed storage tanks and supply facilities for these fuels, which wili be used during the static-fire test.

The Static-fire Test Facility Overview

Location: 80, Hamataiki, Taiki, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Construction: Steel Frame Construction
Floor Area: 192 square meters
Construction Duration: May 2022-April 2023
Design and construction: Hagiwara Construction Industry Co.,Ltd

Advantages of the Microsatellite Launch Vehicle ZERO

ZERO is a two-stage rocket for launching satellites into orbit. It can reach various orbits from low inclination to polar.
ZERO provides on-demand transportation to the desired orbit and altitude, which is difficult to achieve with shared transportation of large satellites. By integrating design, manufacturing, test and launch in-house, we are flexible in responding to customer needs.
ZERO plans to offer one of the lowest prices in the microsatellite launch market, which is striving for dramatic price reductions through in-house development of core technologies and active use of cutting-edge technologies such as consumer-grade components and 3D printing.

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