Interstellar Technologies To Launch their Coming Sounding Rocket “Rocket of NEJI” on July 3



Interstellar Technologies Inc. (Memu, Taiki Town, Hokkaido, JAPAN, CEO: Takahiro Inagawa, hereinafter
referred to as “IST”) announces their launch date for the sounding rocket “Rocket of NEJI” will be on July 3.
Details of the launch are as follows.



● Scheduled Launch Date:
2021-07-03, 11:00 JST (02:00 UTC)
● Launch Windows:
11:00-12:20, 16:05-17:50 JST
Backup date: 2021-07-04, 04:15-07:50, 11:00-12:20, 16:05-17:50 JST
● Launch Location:
Interstellar Technologies Inc., Hokkaido Space Port

There is a possibility of a change in schedule due to weather conditions, launch preparations, and other


On the previous launch attempt of “Rocket of NEJI” in July 2020, a problem with the engine igniter
triggered an automatic abort shortly before launch, which caused the launch to be postponed.
Previously, during the June 2020 launch of MOMO F5, attitude control was lost due to damage to the engine
nozzle. For safety reasons, an emergency shutdown was triggered.
In response to these problems, a full systems upgrade of MOMO began development in summer of 2020. In
this upcoming launch, this improved version will be launched.

Upgrade policy:
“While keeping the low cost, mass production ready concept of MOMO, realize higher reliability and launch
1. Improve reliability by better considering variations in manufacturing and performance
2. Easy to operate and maintain designs ready for mass production
3. Review design of all components for better reliability
4. Technology demonstrations for the upcoming ZERO orbital launch vehicle

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the launch date will not be released until the previous day. The
launch will be broadcast via YouTube and other services. No guests will be allowed to observe the launch
at the site.

▼YouTube URL:Interstellar Technologies Inc channel.