Release of a sounding rocket “Momo” User’s Guide Beta version in English

Interstellar Technologies Inc. has released a user’s guide of sounding rocket “Momo”. Momo is planned to be launched in 2016 and reach over 100 km altitude (also known as “Karman line” which separates out atmosphere and outer space).

The first few launches will be carried out as technical experiment to demonstrate and user’s guide will be updated by results of the launches.

Please feel free to contact and send feedbacks via E-mail: info[at]istellartech.com and/or SNS(FB, Twitter).

You can also discuss detail of the sub-orbital launcher and Orbital launcher (our future plan) at Small Satellite Conference (Logan, Utah, USA). We will welcome you at Japan METI booth (West Colony).


Update: Some changes were added on August 10th. ver.0.11 is now available.