A family sedan for the stars

The past few years have seen an explosive growth in the small satellite market,
without a carrier to send them up to orbit.
Operators had to purchase a seat on huge rockets,
often having to book years ahead of launch.
High cost, long lead time, and unpredictable trajectory was the norm.

The wait is over.

Our goal is to provide ultra low cost, reliable launch services
using readily available COTS equipment

Our mission:

A family sedan for the stars


We don’t try to fool investors with fancy terms like “state of the art technology.”
Most of the major components are fabricated at our factory,
using tried and tested 1970s technology.

Our belief:

Use the best combination of legacy methods, additive manufacturing
and modern materials to achieve the lowest possible manufacturing costs.

A future where space is no longer a dream

A privately owned company, without government funding,
reaching space. A challenge on it’s own.

A challenge that we will breakthrough to open the way
for other companies to follow.

We are the spearhead in the new age of space.It’s not just about business.
Interstellar Technologies has worked with Universities and
research institutions across Japan, accepted Internships
to help raise the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Our development Office and research facilities frequently accept
tours for students and the local population.

“An era where anyone can access space”

Our goal: To make space accessible to everyone.